Translucent Stretch Ceiling

Translucent films became a real breakout which connects lighting and a ceiling into one single system. The peculiarity of such films is that the dense and hard PVC film closes securely supporting structure, but still transmits light. Due to this feature it is possible to combine a ceiling and lighting.

Illuminated ceilings usually use as the backlighting source of LED strip lights or module lights. It is possible to use rgb led lights to create special play of light and shadow. Temperature of LED Lights varies from 2800 Kalvin (Warm Yellow) - 6500 Kalvin (Cold White) Depending on the Location of the Stretch Ceiling different LED Temperature is applied.

It is possible to use a double temperature LED Lights to have the ability to always change the temperature. Special remote control system will be applied along with Bluetooth App Control.

Same with the RGBW LED Strip Lights , color can be controlled by a remote or App

Many light controllers can be implemented in translucent stretch ceiling. Dimmable Controls are the most popular, they can be installed on the walls or controlled by a remote control.

Translucent ceilings can be combined with other technical solutions. The photo printing on the translucent films looks very interesting. From our point of view, the translucent films are one of the most promising stretch ceiling technologies which will change our vision of ceiling space design in the near future.