Black glossy stretch ceiling in the interior

Designers like to add notes of black to the overall design of the room, as it gives everything a touch of nobility and sophistication. That is why even a single or multi-level black glossy stretch ceiling looks simply exceptional, both in public and residential premises.


This is a stylish solution that combines beauty and originality. The peculiarity of the black ceiling is that it hides a certain mystery in itself, and its rich color makes it the instrument for deepening the space. Contrasting colors and well-placed lighting accents allow you to achieve the desired perceptual effect. A glossy black ceiling is allowed to be installed in any room. It can be a nightclub, restaurant, cafe, office of a reputable company, living room of an apartment or house. A multi-level or single-level design with a combination of black and various colors, as well as other options, can give the room style, sophistication and respectability. Any interior will only benefit if it is decorated with a glossy black stretch ceiling. It reflects not only light, but also all objects located under it, which visually expands the space very much.

Furniture and other interior elements of light colors will complement such ceilings. Usually, painting the walls in pastel colors is chosen, it can be wallpaper of such shades. The floor can be made of any material, but if it is also light, then this will further emphasize the sophistication of the entire interior. Textiles, furniture and other components can be plain light or interspersed with some bright colors. Reflecting in the gloss of the ceiling, they will visually expand the space even more, making it truly limitless.


Stretch ceilings in black in terms of practicality are no different from solutions of other colors of flowers and from other canvases:

-Safety. This is an environmentally friendly material, which is confirmed by numerous certificates of conformity;

-Durability. Such ceilings can last at least 50 years if their operation complies with the rules;

-Convenience. Stretch ceilings allow you to hide the errors and irregularities of the main ceiling, while you do not need to use additional materials or spend a lot of time on leveling. The room will immediately receive a ceiling that has the required color, texture and appearance;

-Practicality. Stretch ceilings are characterized by an elastic structure, so they tolerate well the changes associated with the shrinkage of the house. If necessary, the stretch ceiling can withstand a significant amount of water, therefore, it will protect the room from flooding in case of an emergency. In the event of flooding, it is dismantled, the water is drained, and then the canvas again takes its original form. Lack of condensation, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance - these are the most significant advantages of stretch ceilings;

-Capabilities. Can be mounted at an arbitrary angle of inclination, creating vaults, tents, arches and other structures in any room;

-No installation problems. Ceilings can be installed even in rooms where renovations are completed and furniture is installed. The whole process takes no more than 8-10 hours. The space between the ceilings can be used to accommodate heat-insulating, acoustic, fire-fighting, ventilation and other systems;

-Undemanding care. You can simply periodically wipe the surface with a dry cloth to remove dust;

-Affordability. Installing a stretch ceiling is cheaper than any other type, taking into account the preliminary leveling of the surface.

The external appeal of a glossy black ceiling

Black itself is chic and noble. However, in a glossy finish, it becomes truly elegant and shiny, which greatly enhances the impression. You can use a black ceiling in any interior: high-tech, classic, modern, minimalism, art deco and others. It is important to have a bold idea and an absolute lack of fear of experimentation. Black is best suited to emphasize and contrast other shades and colors in the interior.

Unusual implementation

Compare the gloss of black on the ceiling to the night sky. In this case, the decoration will be stars made of LED and fiber-optic lamps, which create such an effect of incredible beauty right in the room.

A beautiful large chandelier will look great on a black glossy ceiling. She will attract attention by herself, and her reflection will be a great addition. With its help, the interior will be decorated, and its sophistication and nobility will be emphasized.

In certain cases, the interior can be deliberately made mocking, defiant, focusing only on the ceiling. For example, the cheapest decorations or wallpaper of some bright color. With such a combination of incongruous, performed with some provocation, you can make the interior really stylish and memorable.

Premises in which black stretch ceilings are appropriate

Most often they are used in public premises:





However, this will not make the gloss look silly in residential premises. If it is combined with other materials correctly, then an ordinary apartment or house will become a truly royal apartment.