Stretch ceiling colors - how to choose the right one

Traditionally, the ceilings in the houses were painted white. Today, with the advent of new technologies and modern materials, it is possible to give these surfaces the most varied shade, apply drawings and photographs, make them of various shapes and even perforated. Such a variety of decor inevitably puts the owner of the house in front of the difficult task of how to choose the color of the stretch ceiling.

What affects the selection of the color of the ceiling

It is recommended to choose the appearance and shade of the ceiling surface even at the stage of designing the interior of the room. Naturally, the chosen tone should be in harmony with the decor of the walls and flooring. In addition, the choice is influenced by:

-Geometric dimensions and functionality of the room;

-Presence of ​​windows;

-Type of planned artificial lighting;

-Interior style;

The color of the future stretch ceiling will delight for a long time if all the components are taken into account.

Room dimensions

The room where the suspended structure is supposed to be erected can visually increase or decrease if the color of the coating material is chosen correctly. Cold colors, for example, blue, blue, greenish, white, will visually make the room more spacious.

Likewise, the different patterns on the ceiling coverings affect the perception of the size of the room. Large drawings, ornaments or photographic images in an excessive amount visually reduce the ceiling surface and create the feeling that the upper part of the room presses on the people in the room. In small buildings with a standard height of two and a half meters, it is better to abandon coatings with a large and bright color pattern.

In a room with a large area and height, you can make multi-level ceilings in different colors. But the pure white surface of the coating in large rooms will not look good. The surface, made in cold colors, emphasizes the solemnity and pomp of the room, which is suitable for large living rooms in a country house. Warm shades, on the contrary, will create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere even in a large room. Ceiling color saturation also affects the visual perception of space. Stronger shades reduce it, lower color intensity helps create a sense of more space.

Dependence of the color of the ceiling surface on the purpose of the room

It has long been known that the color of the surrounding objects, the decor of the enclosing structures has a different effect on the emotional state of a person. One color has an aphrodisiac effect, another is calming, a third helps better concentration, and so on. Therefore, the colors of stretch ceilings for each room are selected based on its functionality.

Choose a shade for the nursery

A room where small children live simply has to be bright, interesting and attractive for its little inhabitant. If a child is involved in the choice of furniture for his room, textiles or some other accessories, he invariably focuses on bright colors. But with regard to the ceiling surface, you need to be more careful. Do not make it too bright in the nursery, so as not to overload the interior with an abundance of colors.

For the nursery, where the girl will live, a ceiling covering in shades of pink or blue, with images of clouds, flowers, fairies, is preferable. In this case, the dimensions of the room must also be taken into account so that the images do not visually reduce its space. For a room intended for a young knight, you can use a cloth with a nautical theme, images of a geographical map of the world, flying machines or sailing ships.

What shade is the ceiling in the living room

The living room is usually the largest room in an apartment or house. And if the height allows, then often multi-level colored stretch ceilings are arranged. In this case, the shape of the ceiling surface can be very different - from a flat surface to sea waves and domes. For example, the central part can be colored, while a white plasterboard box will run along the perimeter, in which communications are hidden or LED lighting is arranged.

When using a translucent canvas in a suspended structure, the LED strip can be positioned in the inter-ceiling space in various ways, while creating luminous figures, patterns or abstract patterns. In the living room, colored stretch ceilings look best, which can be made up of several canvases of different shades.


This room is intended for a calm rest of a person and sound sleep. Therefore, the coloring of the suspended structure should not excite the nervous system of the resting person, but, on the contrary, soothe. The recommended shade in such a room is warm pastel shades. Here you can also choose a colored canvas, combining, for example, a blue tint with a pale green, or a peach-colored canvas with a white pattern.

Colored ceiling in the kitchen?

According to experts in the field of design, the kitchen is exactly the place where bright saturated colors are often used in the decoration of the ceiling surface and walls, causing an appetite and a cheerful mood. And in this case, the best option is to use a coating made of PVC film, since only a film material can convey the saturation of any shade. If the hostess chooses a suspended structure in a certain design, then such a coating should be harmoniously combined with the colors of the facades of kitchen furniture, textiles, and other interior attributes.


Considering the high cost of suspended structures using textile or film material, as well as high air humidity, such structures in rooms such as a bathroom or a toilet are extremely rare. However, if it is possible to make high-quality, highly efficient ventilation of the bathroom, stretch ceilings as an additional decorative finish will add color and attractiveness to the interior.

The choice of color for the ceiling surface in the bathroom does not cause problems. As a rule, it is tied to the already existing wall decor, to the tone and design of the tiles. Most often, a glossy canvas in shades of blue, light blue, greenish, reminiscent of sea or river water, is used for the tensioning structure. On the surface of the material there can be images of marine themes, floral ornaments, clouds, etc.

Influence of light

The color of a film material or fabric can be perceived differently under the influence of daylight, sun and indoor lighting fixtures. Therefore, when choosing the color of the panel for the suspended structure, it is necessary to take into account the duration of the insolation, the power and type of lighting devices, as well as their location on the ceiling surface.

In those rooms where there is little or no sunlight, it is better to use the material of the ceiling surface in shades of yellow, orange or peach. In rooms where there is a lot of daylight, materials of various colors can be used. But the main choice of the design and color of the suspension structure depends on other factors.

The effect of color on the psyche and emotionality

Red causes activity, excitement, a surge of energy. This color scheme can be used to decorate the surface of the ceiling surface of the living room, kitchen.

All shades of yellow can be used when decorating the ceiling in a children's room, bedroom, study, as reducing fatigue and stimulating nervous activity. Yellow as an analogue of the sun contributes to the joyful mood of a person, activates muscle activity.

The color blue acts on the body of the inhabitants of the house in a calming and relaxing way. Suitable for decorating the ceiling covering in the bedroom, nursery and bathroom.

A deep blue shade, despite its proximity to the blue shade in the spectral table, has a depressing effect on a person. This color scheme can be used when decorating the ceiling surface in the bathroom and tub. With a long stay of a person in a room with an interior designed in blue tones, the latter may develop depression.

The violet color is formed from a mixture of blue and red colors. In terms of its effect on the psyche, it is close to the characteristics of the above shades, depressingly affecting the state of the emotional and mental mood of a person.