Advantages of Stretch Ceilings

PVC stretch ceiling is a film that stretches on a special frame made of plastic or aluminum profile, which is mounted around the perimeter of the walls or on the ceiling. As a result, the surface acquires a uniform and completely even appearance.

The advantages of PVC stretch ceilings are:

1. Stretch ceilings mask all the defects and flaws of the base ceiling, all electrical wiring.

2. PVC material is flame retardant, non-toxic and not harmful to human health.

3. It is not "afraid" of high humidity, mold and fungus.

4. Waterproofness is one of the main qualities. Stretch ceilings can withstand up to 100 liters of water.

5. This is an additional source of sound insulation of the room.

6.In the process of shrinkage of new buildings, a very important quality is that cracks do not form in stretch ceilings.

7. A damp cloth, detergent (strictly without abrasives and solvents) are the main assistants in cleaning such ceiling coverings.

8. The plasticity of this canvas will make it possible to realize the most sophisticated design solutions: to make three-dimensional forms, to make transitions and waves in different planes. It is also the best material for vaults and arches in an apartment.

9. The installation of lamps, chandeliers, ventilation systems and fire alarms in stretch ceilings is quite simple.

10. The color scheme and design are completely unlimited, the main thing is the competent decision of the designer. It can also consist of several canvases that can be joined either in the same plane or at different angles. The range of colors and completely unlimited shades, high-quality texture - all this together will embody the most sophisticated effects: fabrics, mirrors, metallics, marble coating, matte smooth surface.