Matt Glossy or Satin?

Everyone is looking for the best option for finishing their home. A wide range of materials and design techniques, differing in price, appearance and other characteristic features, provides a huge choice. At the peak of popularity - stretch ceilings, which decorate both residential and public premises

Having installed stretch ceiling, you can forget about repairs for many years. Finishing is in perfect harmony with various decorative trends.

The color palette is varied. Customers have the option to choose between a plain material and a brightly printed finish. Thematic images and various abstractions are in special demand. After finishing, the surface acquires a stylish and sophisticated appearance. With the help of this element, you can instantly transform the interior, decorating it with an exquisite stretch ceiling theme.

The group of PVC ceilings is divided into the following types:





-Exclusive positions (suede, metallic and other options).

Glossy ceilings

The canvas has a smooth texture and shine, which is formed due to the mirror effect. Due to the radiance, the ceilings visually increase the volume of the room. They will also help to make the ceilings higher and "move" the walls apart.

Glossy coatings are actively used to create original, spectacular and expressive decors. Designers like to use this material to experiment with the play of light.

Ceilings can have a different color: from classic colors and pastel colors to extraordinary and rich shades. Bright colors look especially expressive in combination with gloss. Decorators highlight one significant drawback of two-color stretch ceilings in gloss. At the junction of the canvases of two colors, the seam will be much more noticeable compared to other textures.

Matte Stretch Ceilings

Matte ceilings are practically devoid of shine due to the rough texture. They have a certain nobility and sophistication. Finishing creates an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and relaxation in the room. Due to the special texture, cleaning them is more problematic than glossy surfaces. But despite this characteristic, the cleaning process does not become laborious.

Stretch ceilings with matte film are a classic design. They do not go out of fashion and look great in almost all rooms of a residential building. This is the choice of connoisseurs of the classics. Most often, the material is painted in soft and delicate shades. Pastel colors are widespread.

This option is ideal for those who do not want to radically change the decor by installing stretch ceilings. The matte surface will not focus on itself and will easily fit into the interior. Ceilings differ in density and reliability.

If the gloss reflects the rays of light, then the matte material, on the contrary, dampens the shine. Externally, the canvases create the effect of a painted surface or a whitewashed ceiling. In the hands of an experienced decorator, decoration becomes a tool to hide design flaws or present the dignity of a room. The surface shifts the focus from the ceiling to the rest of the finish and interior.

On a matte texture, the color is shown in its pure form, without reflections. On the canvas, images will be expressive, which can be small elements, a large print or patterns. The task of the surface is to create a uniform background.

Satin Stretch Ceiling

Satin ceiling is the middle between the above two options. This finish is chosen by those people who do not like the bright shine of the glossy surface and the matte effect. Satin canvas combines a mirrored design and a uniform matte surface. The structure reflects artificial and natural light, but, unlike gloss, objects and various elements of the interior are not reflected in it.

A distinctive feature of the material is the change in appearance under the influence of light. Silky light shine, which is illuminated by natural sunlight, reveals the color in a full natural way. Artificial lighting will darken the color.

A satin canvas in the theme of the starry sky looks spectacular and stylish. Uneven lighting will not spoil, but rather emphasize the material. New shades and additional accents appear on it. Colors such as mother-of-pearl and metallic look great on this type of ceiling.

How to choose?

Gloss is able to expand the volume of the room, so for a small room this choice would be the best. Smooth surfaces are actively used in the design in a modern high-tech style. One of the characteristics of high-tech decor is glossy and mirror surfaces. A canvas of this type will be perfectly combined with such elements, creating a stylish interior.

Designers recommend using glossy stretch ceilings in kitchens, living rooms, corridors and hallways. They can also decorate the bathroom. Due to the smooth texture, dirt particles will not accumulate on the surface.

Gloss will help to cope with the lack of natural light. In small rooms, a minimum number of lighting fixtures is installed, while maintaining usable space. The light from the lamps will reflect off the material and spread throughout the room.

Finishing with a matte ceiling masterfully imitates the standard decoration with plaster. They are often chosen for classic styles. Cloths are strongly recommended to be placed on the basis of spacious rooms. The minimum ceiling height should be at least 2.6 meters - this is the best option for decorating with matte material. The element will bring sophistication, nobility and elegance to the interior.

It is recommended to abandon the use of matte models based on kitchens. The material has a rough texture, due to which stains eat into the surface, and the cleaning process becomes more complicated. This applies not only to small particles of food and fat, but also to household dust.

The delicate sheen of satin fabrics will not be evident. This is a universal coating that can complement any interior. This finish is considered an environmentally friendly option.

Satin stretch ceilings will look great in children's rooms, living rooms, work areas (for example, in the office) and bedrooms. In these rooms it is important to create a comfortable and secluded environment, because it will contribute to both fruitful work and good rest. In certain cases, designers decorate ceilings in bathrooms and hallways with satin material.